Prime Day Came and Went, but Trust Issues Remain

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Prime Day started off salty, but in the end I was finally able to make some purchases Tuesday evening.  Why the salt?  Their web site crashing was a big part of it.

According to CNN Money*, Amazon’s Prime Day was wildly successful with sales exceeding any of their biggest shopping days last year.  I admit I was part of the Prime Day hype.  I tried to purchase some items a couple hours after the sale went live except they wouldn’t take my money.  I couldn’t spend a single dime because their site kept crashing.  On top of that, some items were sold out 😮 .

Luckily, after the madness died down, my husband and I were finally able to browse and make some purchases.  We weren’t going to miss out on the hype.  We’ll be ready when someone asks us, “Did you get anything on Prime Day?” 😀

Another salty issue for me is that Amazon may be selling knockoffs.  My husband was ready to buy a Bose headset on Prime Day, but one of the reviews suggested the headset they purchased was counterfeit.  They had some issue, contacted Bose directly, and it turned out the serial number wasn’t a Bose product.  What??  Needless to say, my husband didn’t want to deal with that so he backed out of that purchase.

The Bose incident wasn’t the first time I heard of counterfeit items sold on Amazon.  In fact, I purchased a pair of Vionic sandals from Amazon not too long ago.  When I received the item, I noticed the coloring was a little off.  I shrugged that off since it could just be the monitor vs actual.  However, my spidey senses were tingling when there was no branding on the footbed.  I searched online and every website I came across had the word “Vionic” on the footbed.  Some of the websites I checked were: Vionic, Zappos, QVC, and even Amazon.  Can you see why I’m starting to have some trust issues? Anyone else concerned about counterfeits potentially being sold on Amazon?  I’ll never know if the sandals were a knockoff or not, but I decided to return them and spend the extra $10 to buy it from Vionic’s website.

Ultimately, Amazon still wins.  I still bought some items on Prime Day just a bit delayed due to technology issues.  As for possible knockoffs, I’ll most likely limit the type of items bought from Amazon.  So, some frustration for me and Amazon still gets my money.  Although, if they don’t do some quality control on what products they attach their name to others may limit their spending as well.  We shall see.

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Link to CNN Money article

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