Be a Hero or Go to War?

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I’m in a gaming slump at the moment.  I’m so desperate for a game that I told hubby he can pick whatever game and I’ll play with him.  This is a big deal because I normally shoot down 95% of the games he picks ^.^  But, he won’t pick!  I think he knows how rare this is and he doesn’t want to waste this opportunity.  What compounds it is there aren’t many good games out there (for me).

I kinda play Heroes of the Storm, but not faithfully.  One of the pros about HotS is that I can quickly disengage from the game.  Secondly, it can be mindless if you join a “vs AI” group.  When I play with hubby we play Quick Match because he likes the challenge of going against real players (be prepared for the salt!)

I gave up World of Warcraft several months ago, before the last raid was introduced in Legion.  It was such a grind and it sucked the joy right out of me.  But, that’s expected when it comes to MMOs, right?  Someone wise might ask the, “Why not play a little less so you don’t get burnt out?”  Excuse me?  What do you mean?  Here’s the thing, I don’t know how to play casually… It’s all or nothing, be the best or GTFO.

To be the best, I need the gear, to get the gear I need to grind – experience, reputation, raids, dungeons, dailies, etc.  Don’t forget consumables!  This means I have to farm mats, skill up professions, go on a wild goose chase for quest lines to progress my professions, rinse and repeat.  Why not just buy the consumables? Oh, ok, then I have to farm gold…  It’s a never ending cycle and it’s tiring just recounting all of this.

So, why play WoW at all?  Well, when there is no grinding or farming and you can just play the game, it’s kinda fun.  Especially, trying to conquer challenging content like completing Mythic+ runs and seeing your name on the leader boards (i.e. and

As you can see, I had a lot more to say about WoW than HotS.  Honestly, HotS is a filler game, but I’m not feeling WoW fever (yet).  So, should I be a Hero and just putz around in HotS?  Or Go to War and play WoW (again)?  Comment below if you have any suggestions, even for a new game 🙂

My Druid, Splenda, in WoW – Emerald Dream server

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