Richard Walker’s Pancake House – San Diego, CA


I’m still evolving on how I want to write up and present my reviews.  In the mean time, this week’s restaurant review is a throwback to earlier this year when my husband and I went on vacation to San Diego, CA.  Our breakfast choice that day?  Richard Walker’s Pancake House

First off, there was a long line waiting to eat here.  We weren’t deterred though because that most likely meant all these hungry people knew what they were doing and were willing to wait to eat good food.  Besides, breakfast queues go by pretty fast, so it was a no-brainer to stick around.

Waiting in line
Hubby waiting patiently in line for us

This was our first time to Richard Walker’s so what to order?  Hubby went with his tried and true, diced ham and eggs.  He loves to eat new foods, but he also has a few regular breakfast go-to items.  It actually works out in our favor because he always has something to compare to.  His opinion?  The best diced ham and eggs he’s had 🙂

I was a little more adventurous and ordered the baked apple pancake.  This was labeled as a specialty item and we were warned it’d take longer (~10-20 minutes).  Well, I had to try out one of their signature items, go big or go home, right?  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was bliss.  Hot, light, airy, cinnamon-y, with tart apples, and contrary to how it looks, not overly sweet.

Feast for two
Breakfast feast for two

Close up of that delicious baked apple pancake.  I could really go for some of this right now… how soon can we book the next flight out? 😉

Baked apple pancake

Would we eat here again?  You bet!

  • Portion sizes were on the bigger side (did you see the size of that baked apple pancake?)
  • The coffee was rich and smooth.
  • The orange juice tasted how I’d expect freshly squeezed OJ would taste.
  • Some of the best diced ham and eggs.
  • Prompt service.
  • Everything we ate was delicious

We look forward to trying more menu items in the future!

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