Complimentary, But Not Really Free

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On a recent trip to Colorado my husband and I shared an inside joke whenever we received a complimentary item or service.  It started because we (ok, maybe I) spent a pretty penny or two on the hotel selections and to counter it we found humor in all the “complimentary” items/services.

For example, there were 2 complimentary bottles of water waiting for us when we checked-in to our room.  We made use of their complimentary wi-fi.  There was complimentary bus service on 16th Street in Denver.  We were in the spa lounge and drank complimentary cucumber infused water.  We enjoyed complimentary sparkling water at a swanky restaurant.

See where I’m going with this?  It was hilarious because we’d look at each other and say, “Complimentary” in a haughty, goofy voice with a tilt to our head.  Gotta love complimentary!

Refreshing glass of lemonade that we paid for, but the wine glass behind it has  complimentary sparkling water 😉

We’d even say it for stuff we technically paid for.  The Crawford Hotel charges $20 per night for a Destination Amenity Fee.  So, even though we didn’t pay anything at the counter for that scoop of ice cream from Milkbox Ice Creamery (so yummy btw!  I loved their Orange Creamsicle), we actually did pay for it via that fee.  That didn’t stop us from saying, “Complimentary” before eating it 😀

Looking back, aside from the free bus service on 16th Street, everything else “complimentary” was paid for in some way or another.  It’s like that Destination Amenity Fee except it’s built into the price already.  (Even that free bus service is most likely paid for by Denver tax payers, but we don’t live in Denver so it’s free to us!)

That Colorado trip will always be humorously tagged with “Complimentary”.  As far as it was from being complimentary, it was fun and definitely memorable.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a lasting impression.

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