Machete Tequila + Tacos – Denver, CO

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On our eTuk tour of Denver, one of the eateries the tour guide recommended was Machete’s for their street tacos.  Since we weren’t staying in Denver for long and we already had dinner plans, we went for a quick hit and run.  We ordered one taco each during happy hour.

Hubby ordered the Arrachera – Hanger steak / Avocado salsa verde / Onions & cilantro.

Taco Arrachera

While I had the Al Pastor – Duroc roasted pig / Guajillo chile marinated pork / Pineapple Onions & cilantro.

Al Pastor
Taco Al Pastor

We were eating at the bar counter and the bartender asked if we were taco connoisseurs, I think it was because I was taking pictures of our food.  I replied, “No, but this place was recommended to us as the place to eat for street tacos”.

The tour guide didn’t let us down.  Hubby’s was so good he didn’t even offer me bite!  If we had more time we would definitely have a proper meal at Machete’s.

Would we eat here again? Yep!

  • Fun atmosphere
  • Friendly bartender
  • Amazing street tacos
  • Looking forward to trying out other tacos!

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