Alex Markovich’s Postcard #10

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Ever look at a piece of art and it captures your attention?  Even if your eyes linger for just a nanosecond longer.  Something about the art speaks to you and that’s what happened when I saw Alex Markovich’s postcard #10.  I was scrolling through his artwork and when I came upon this one I paused.

I felt compelled to write something about it, but there was no option to leave a comment.  Therefore, I did the next best thing and reblogged it in hopes he will see this “comment”.

This postcard drew me in and made me want to inhale deeply to feel the chilled, wet air, and smell the damp forest. Beautiful.

I tried to examine why and I couldn’t figure it out.  Was it a memory?  I’ve walked my dog in a similar wooded area, but he also has other postcards of forest-y areas and those did not evoke the same reaction.  My guess is that it has to do with winter, but I still don’t know what about the winter.  And that’s ok!  Sometimes (maybe a lot of times?) art can’t be explained, but rather it is just enjoyed.

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