In Sickness and In Health?

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Mostly just in health.  Wow, what a hiatus.  Between my NJ trip to visit FamiLee and catching a cold while there that lasted about THREE weeks, I was in no mood to do anything.  I was in survival mode.  Fun fact:  I seem to ALWAYS catch a cold when I visit NJ.  At least it’s been true for the last few years… Guess I’m averse to dirty Jersey, lol.

I’ve also been slacking on content because I’m stuck on what photo editing/organizing software to use.  I don’t know what you call it, but I like to have everything in place before moving forward.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and a planner.  So, when I don’t have a key piece of my workflow figured out, I get stuck.  I have 12 blog posts drafted, but I need photos to complete them.  Can we say catch 22?

Anyways, I’ll work on figuring this out more tomorrow.  I finally got some life back in me and wanted to post something, anything tonight 🙂  Hey look! I’m posting this without any photos.  Perfection is not needed to move forward!

#NJSniffles #BeingSickSucks #DontHaveToBePerfect #MovingForward #Onward

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