How Fake is Natural?

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Have you ever eaten a Red Delicious apple?  If you have, chances are that you were drawn to it by how it looked rather than how it tasted.  Shiny red skin, curvy shape, it looks like it’d be a tasty apple.  Let me say it again, it looks like it’d be a tasty apple.  However, it tastes dry, crumbly, cardboard-y… basically, the opposite of tasty.

If you do a google search you’ll find that the Red Delicious may have started out humble and tasty, but over time it was bred for looks.  The apple became more red, more curvaceous, and more appealing to the eye, but all at the cost of actually tasting delicious.  Yet, it’s still widely sold.  Why?  It might be cliché, but I’m going to say it…. People value looks over what’s on the inside.

I’m not one that spends a lot of time on hair and make-up.  I like to look nice, but I don’t get all dolled up to run errands, to see a doctor, etc.  My thought is, if I look my absolute best for every day situations, how do I take it to the next level for special events?  “Special” here is subjective so my special is not the same as your special.

BTW, I’m not opposed to enhancing one’s beauty, I’m just legit asking how much fake is natural?  For example, IMO wearing fake lashes to work is overkill unless work demands it, such as modeling for a mascara advertisement.  However, wearing fake lashes for a wedding shoot, mentioned mascara advertisement, a night on the town, etc. all seem perfectly normal to me.

People want to look and feel their best when viewed by others.  Whether it’s a new outfit for an important interview or a bit of color on the lips before taking a selfie.  These tactics can build up confidence.  So then, how much artificial enhancement is needed to achieve “I feel good enough to [take a pic, go to work, step outside the house]?”  Fake lashes, colored contacts, lip injection, liposuction, etc.  You see where this is going?  More and more extreme measures, but at what cost?  Are we to go down the path of the Red Delicious apple?

Lashes owned by yours truly


Disclaimer in case it’s not obvious: These are all my opinions and how I personally feel.

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