Anyone Else Have a Cat With a Voice?

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My girl cat, Mina, has very expressive meows. It was a big contrast to our boy cat, Marcus, who we kidded had only one meow that he used louder or softer. She has her sweet, innocent meows that she rarely uses any more in her old age. Her demanding, “Turn on the faucet so I can drink water” meow. The anxious, “Where are you??” meow that is usually accompanied with a sock her mouth. The distressing, “I’m going to vomit, get here now” meow (this one may be universal). There are also some voices that don’t even have a meow, they are spoken with just a look.

One of those looks we usually experience when Jason and I are watching TV. She jumps up and curls up near me on the couch (never on my lap because that would be weird to her) and then she’ll look over at Jason with what he calls the “We don’t need you” look.  LOL. He’s exaggerating, but I also think it’s funny (and I like the thought of her preferring me over Jason shhhh :D)

Sung to the tune of “Soft Kitty” by Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory)

Soft kitty, poor kitty, please don't scratch your wound. 
Senior kitty, pissed off kitty, I love you.

(The “song” was from months ago when Mina was suffering from self- inflicted neck wounds via scratching. She’s now doing much better after seeing a holistic vet and switching foods.)

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