Author: Cindy Lee Mattison

Serious Eats or Pretentious Treats?

Disappointment is when reality doesn’t meet expectation.  What are the consequences when you’re disappointed?  Specifically, what are some outcomes when eating establishments disappoint you?  Let’s get into a deep discussion on… cupcakes?   Imagine strolling by a bakery window and spying a luscious [insert favorite flavor] cupcake with creamy frosting.  There’s a slight glow surrounding

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Prime Day Came and Went, but Trust Issues Remain

Prime Day started off salty, but in the end I was finally able to make some purchases Tuesday evening.  Why the salt?  Their web site crashing was a big part of it. According to CNN Money*, Amazon’s Prime Day was wildly successful with sales exceeding any of their biggest shopping days last year.  I admit

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