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Machete Tequila + Tacos – Denver, CO

On our eTuk tour of Denver, one of the eateries the tour guide recommended was Machete’s for their street tacos.  Since we weren’t staying in Denver for long and we already had dinner plans, we went for a quick hit and run.  We ordered one taco each during happy hour. Hubby ordered the Arrachera – Hanger

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Breakfast at Tiff… I Mean Mercantile’s

Mercantile Dining & Provision – Denver, CO This little gem is located inside Union Station at the end of one of the hallways.  We happened across this place while waiting for a table at Snooze an AM Eatery.  Thank you Snooze for having a line because we might not have come across one of our

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Richard Walker’s Pancake House – San Diego, CA

I’m still evolving on how I want to write up and present my reviews.  In the mean time, this week’s restaurant review is a throwback to earlier this year when my husband and I went on vacation to San Diego, CA.  Our breakfast choice that day?  Richard Walker’s Pancake House First off, there was a long

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