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Super Snouts for a Super Dog

There have been 4 thunderstorms this week and it’s been dreadful.  Not for me, mind you, although I did wake up once in the middle of the night because it was so loud.  But, it’s horrible for my poor dog, Hailey.  She’s scared of loud noises, be it fireworks, gun shots, trains, big trucks, small

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Livin’ La Vida Local

Update 9/13/2018: Sad story incoming…  THE CLASS GOT CANCELLED DUE TO LOW NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 😦  The class was refunded and I’ll look for another class, but that adventure died just as fast it escalated… Spur of the moment idea that escalated quickly.  I was looking out my sliding doors at some dying potted flowers

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Complimentary, But Not Really Free

On a recent trip to Colorado my husband and I shared an inside joke whenever we received a complimentary item or service.  It started because we (ok, maybe I) spent a pretty penny or two on the hotel selections and to counter it we found humor in all the “complimentary” items/services. For example, there were

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