Food For Thought

A little play on words.  Food for thought, thoughts on food.

My husband and I love to eat good food.  It’s one of the first things we research when traveling to new places. Where’s the best breakfast joint? Is there a food tour available? Where do the locals like to eat? What type of food is the area known for?

I want to compile a list of eateries we’ve dined at and our thoughts on the food.  The list will be based on previous posts and a basic rating system my husband and I use for restaurants.

Rating system: Would you eat here again? yes or no.  Pretty basic, but in the end that’s all that matters.  Now, there are many factors that influence the answer: how the food tastes, service, price point, ambience, expectation, etc…  Also, just because a particular meal wasn’t delicious doesn’t mean we wouldn’t eat there again.  For instance, we might go back if we saw some other scrumptious looking dishes coming out of the kitchen.

Expectation is key in this rating system (you can read more about expectations in a previous blog post, Serious Eats or Pretentious Treats?).  In addition, an establishment may stand out from “Would you eat here again?” and we’ll call these Ringers (for now).  An example of a Ringer is Spoon and Stable.  At the end of the year I’ll have a round up of the Ringers to determine the top 5 in my (and my husband’s) opinion.

8/3/2018: added the bit about expectation and ringers

[Featured photo was part of an omakase meal at Nobu in NYC]

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