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I made this “Love” printed wood piece from a group workshop that my real estate agent hosted back in April.  I almost didn’t go to this fun outing because I wasn’t in the mood.  I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything so this event wasn’t singled out.  As usual, I kept receiving annoying automated reminder emails which I’m usually good at ignoring.  Usually, the more they send, the more irritated I get.  It’s like, “QUIT POKING ME” (Warcraft reference for any other gaming nerds out there).  But, one day, I looked at one of them and thought, “Why not?”.  I like to do arts and crafts, Laurie’s cool, and even if I don’t know anyone else there, I can still have fun crafting.

Well, it was a blast.  Good conversations with strangers and the crafting was almost like an ice breaker.  “Oh, what are you making over there?”, “What color stain are you thinking about?”, etc.  There was some adult beverages too, but I’m a light weight when it comes to drinking so I stuck with water (not to mention hubby’s voice in my head “Safety First”).

As much as I hate to encourage annoying emails spammed out, in this ONE case, it worked.  It got me out of the house and I dared to have fun.  Dare to Love, I like it.  Do you dare to love?

#love #sawdustsavvy #daretolove #trynewthings #artsandcrafts #crafting

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