Livin’ La Vida Local

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Update 9/13/2018: Sad story incoming…  THE CLASS GOT CANCELLED DUE TO LOW NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 😦  The class was refunded and I’ll look for another class, but that adventure died just as fast it escalated…

Spur of the moment idea that escalated quickly.  I was looking out my sliding doors at some dying potted flowers and the next thing I knew I was googling floral arrangements, and poof, I’m now registered to take a class TOMORROW.

I’m fairly certain I’ll have fun it since I love most things creative and crafty.  I’ll update after the class for how I really felt about it.


Spruce Flowers and Home, Livin’ La Vida Local, class description:

Play with flowers grown by local farmers in this fall class.  We’ll choose the best blooms at our local market for each class so take one, take all to learn more about the local flower scene and the basics of floral design.  

This class is perfect for the person who:

  •  likes to grab a group of friends and learn basic floral design
  •  is looking to create a seriously fun team outing for co-workers
  •  loves…love!


That last bullet point… That’s so me ❤


Featured photo is from Spruce Flowers and Home

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